Services and Products developed by World TOP-5 Expert
Business protection
Assessing the value of intellectual business assets for the purpose of selling or attracting investors

Valuation of Business
Сontrol of partners and contractors

Franchises and licenses
Registration of brands, trademarks, legal protection of technologies, products, know-how, production secrets

EMI License
Сreation of patent and copyright documentation for registration of rights to business projects in the field of IT, blockchain, tokenization. Main client: Blockchain Sports

Blockchain and tokens
Unlock Opportunities with Our EMI Licensing Services.
Your pathway to securing electronic money institution licenses made simple and compliant. Explore new financial horizons with us.

Attraction of investments from GCC-region based private and institutional investors, preparation projects and businesses for sales, investment deals, corporate structuring and legal frameworks creation

Rely on our IP-litigators to investigate infringements worldwide, we offer the best approaches and handle litigation on client's behalf with our experts experienced with more than 1,200 cases (98,2% won) in 35 countries.

Litigation and Law Enforcement
Get a thorough legal & IP risk assessment - our experts will analyze and safeguard your business from potential 200 risks in 35 countries (including UAE, UK, USA, China, Germany, France, Spain, Czech, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South Korea.

Assessment of Legal and Business Risks
Our Results and Achievements
SANDJAR GROUP - a global legal and business consortium of 16 companies and 247 experts, lawyers, consultants, attorneys, and litigators, headquartered in Dubai and providing services in Law Enforcement, IP-Protection, Monetization, and Investments industries in 35 countries (including USA, Europe, Asia and GCC Region).

SANDJAR GROUP is known for its leadership by Dr. Sandjar Muminov, who serves as President of SANDJAR GROUP and was recognized as a World Best (TOP-5) Intellectual Property Experts.
He is also one of the best litigation lawyers in IP-Industry.
Years of Experience
Brands & Clients
Investment Deals
IP-Capitalization for Clients
'Hello, You finally found a good, strong,
global partner to protect and monetize Your
business assets & creative ideas!
No need to waste time - let's make a serious
deal today!

Choosing my team - You will not make mistake'
President of

World IP Litigation Forum: Dr. Sandjar Muminov named

PATENT ATTORNEY of the YEAR by IIPLA Association (USA)

Dr. Sandjar Muminov, a distinguished UAE-based professional in the field of intellectual property law, has been honored with the prestigious title of "Patent Attorney of the Year" by the International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA, USA). This significant recognition underscores Dr. Muminov's exceptional contributions and expertise in the realm of global and local IP laws.

The award, announced on January 22, 2024, by the IIPLA, USA, is a testament to Dr. Muminov's outstanding achievements and commitment to advancing the field of intellectual property. With a career marked by innovation, diligence, and a deep understanding of patent and copyright laws, Dr. Muminov has consistently demonstrated exemplary skills and dedication to his clients and the legal community.

Dr. Muminov has played a pivotal role in shaping global intellectual property practices, standing out as a leader in the IP-industry. His extensive knowledge and proficiency in patent and copyright laws have secured numerous successes in legal, litigation and investment industries..

IIPLA, 2024
"I am deeply honored to receive the 'Patent Attorney of the Year' award from IIPLA, USA. This recognition is not only a personal achievement but a testament to our entire team's hard work and dedication. Intellectual property law is a dynamic and evolving field, and I am committed to continuing our efforts to protect and monetize IP-assets of our clients," remarked Dr. Muminov upon receiving the award.

As a seasoned professional, Dr. Muminov has successfully navigated the complexities of intellectual property law, providing strategic approach for AI-created IP-works, counsel to a diverse clientele ranging from startups to multinational corporations. His passion for legal innovations and commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards have set him apart as a leading figure in the legal community, especially related to IP-litigation, M&A and IP-based investment deals.

About IIPLA, USA (
The International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA, USA) - is a globally leading organization dedicated to advancing the understanding and protection of intellectual property rights globally. With a focus on litigation, IP-protection, advocacy, and collaboration, IIPLA brings together world-leading IP-professionals, lawyers, experts (serving FORBES, FORTUNES rated corporations), policymakers, and stakeholders to address the challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving field of intellectual property law
Our Lawyers and Partners
  • Ahmed AlRaeesi
    Litigation, Banking & Finance, Arbitration, Debt Management, Corporate Services, Intellectual Property
    Captain of General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), Senior Lawyer, Arbitrator in DIAC, Certified Practitioner in the DIFC Courts, Dubai Police Academy
  • Basheer Abu Awwad
    Criminal Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, Investment Funds & Private Equity, Intellectual Property, Employment Law
    Admitted to practice in Jordan and the GCC states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, has extensive experience in complex commercial, corporate, construction, and property law matters.
  • Dr. Hassan Elhais
    Arbitration, Banking, Civil, Construction, Criminal, Family, Inheritance, Intellectual Property, Sports, Labour Laws
    Obtained a diploma in private law, which covered training in shariah law, philosophy of laws, litigation law, commercial law and civil law. In 2015, Dr. Elhais obtained a Master's Degree in Law, followed by Ph.D in Law in 2019.

Description of Our Unique Product: IP-SHARES
Trough selling to Investors the Intellectual Property of Business Project (IP-SHARES)
How it works:
Consultation with
IP-Specialist, payment
Creation IP-Portfolio,
valuation, IP-Shares
Attraction of investments
through selling IP-Shares
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
  • $1M-$100M
    Amounts for Attraction
  • 25 days
    Documents Preparation Period
  • $100,000
    Service-Fees and Charges
  • From 1 month
    Investors Attraction Period
Legal services will be provided in full compliance with UAE laws and regulations on investments, virtual assets, fundraising, etc.
Statistics and Results:
Total Attracted Investments
Total Value of IP-Shares
Successful Cases of IP-Selling
You'll be in good company with our clients!
You'll be in good company with our clients!
Exclusive Interview for DAISY GLOBAL - Blockchain Sports.
Main insights:

1. Intellectual property today could be used for receiving bank loans, investments and legal structuring of virtual assets projects.

2.SANDJAR GROUP started partnership with Blockchain Sports - one of the most innovative project in global sport industry
Dr. Sandjar Muminov was recognized World TOP-5 IP-Experts by IIPLA-Association 2020
The International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA, HQs in US and UK) with its 6th IP-Congress (February 2020) brought together the world-leading IP-Experts in Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Licensing, and Franchising industries to share ideas/experience, make partnership and to find solutions for the most difficult challenges facing the IP-market.
We are the experts
Achieve the strategic business goals
Our team
We are professionals with extensive expertise in litigation, courts, and law enforcement, particularly focused on intellectual property matters. Drawing from a wealth of experience, our team members have successfully represented numerous clients in high-stakes intellectual property disputes, navigating complex legal landscapes to protect and defend their valuable innovations, trademarks, and copyrights. With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of intellectual property law, our team is well-versed in handling cases across various industries, from IT-technology and pharmaceuticals to entertainment and fashion. Whether advocating for plaintiffs or defendants, our legal team demonstrates a steadfast commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients, safeguarding their intellectual assets, and upholding their rights in the face of challenging legal challenges.
Our team of lawyers, litigators, experts, consultants, managers and specialists can communicate in English, German, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Hindi, Kazakh, Latvian, and Uzbek languages.
Successful Investment Deals of our Clients
Innovative Vocal Learning Technology

Investment project
Multifunctional Media-Router ”MultiQB”

Investment project

The Technology of Building Houses Using Smart-Blocks

Investment project
World Mass Media about Dr. Sandjar
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