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Intellectual Property in Websites: Ownership and Protection

At the bottom of most websites, you’ve likely seen such terminology as “Copyright 2021, “All Rights Reserved” or “© 2021. This is to inform others that the content they view belongs to website owner and not someone else who may have copied it from somewhere else. Even if you don’t display your own copyright, there’s still protection for what you’ve created as long as nobody can claim ownership over it by proving they made changes or did something new with an old idea.
Including “copyright” at the bottom of every page displays explicitly how people should know where the material came from for credit to be given appropriately.
Registering your intellectual property (IP) will help you to protect it from copyright infringement. You must have proof of ownership. This can be provided by registering your IP rights with authority like a state body or court before they are violated. There are several benefits for doing so:
  • Make your life easier on the stage of enforcing your violated IP rights;
  • Inform everyone who sees your text, photo, and website that this work has an author;
  • Declare your exclusive copyrights to the intellectual property object;
  • Have the ability to set your own rules for commercial and non-commercial use of your product;
  • Have the ability to file a copyright infringement case;
  • Be able to claim for statutory damages and attorney’s fees if a copyright lawsuit is successful.

Which digital assets of the company can be protected under copyright?

What are your digital assets worth? A lot! Even more, than you may think. But not every organization is conscious of that fact, so they’re left unprotected and unable to reap the benefits. If there is a legal dispute about a certain asset, companies need to produce all their documentation showing how valuable these possessions are – from marketing materials down through customer data files and business plans.
  • Company website: The following elements must be protected as copyright: design interface, domain name, source code, database, content, the concept of the website.
  • Software: Accounting software, HR management systems, warehouse management systems, other customized modules of CRM systems.
  • Social media accounts comprise such protectable IP objects as a brand of social media account, subdomain, content.
  • Mobile application (or web application) in most cases consists of the icon of mobile application, source code, design interface of mobile application, database, content, and concept.
Copyright protection is a valuable asset to any company. After all, it can protect those precious digital assets that could be easily copied by others and published elsewhere without the original creator getting their due credit or compensation for the work.
Copyrightable objects must have been fixed in tangible form. Hence, they are safe from being reproduced and used without your consent – but what if you aren’t sure whether something qualifies? You’re not alone: copyright law is complicated enough on its own even before trying to apply these rules online.

Why should you register the domain name of a website as intellectual property?

Be sure not only to protect website content, graphics, and images but also domain name. A domain is a unique identifier on the internet, so it must be protected from third parties. If you want to protect your site from infringers of intellectual property rights such as copyright infringement, then opt for official copyright protection.
Let’s imagine you’ve developed a stellar website with a great domain name, now what? First, you will want to protect your rights. Since the domain name usually coincides with your brand name, domain registration can be carried out economically together with the brand name covered by one Composite Copyright Work. It is a unique and beneficial offer that will protect your brand name and domain against unfair competitors, save your money along with other benefits such as:
  • Ability to obtain an official document constituting your rights to the domain name.
  • Ability to protect your ownership of the domain name as an intellectual property object from illegal use.
  • The ability to get monetary compensation in case of your copyright and proprietary rights to the domain name will be violated by any third parties.
  • Ability to officially sell intellectual property rights on the site and/or domain.
Furthermore, having your domain registered as copyright under your name as an individual, as well as other IP assets, can generate real financial benefits through evaluation procedure and proper build-in structure of licensing your IP rights to your company.
We at INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai offer this unique service for all companies and entrepreneurs willing to protect their digital assets and maximize the value of their business.

How we can help protect your website

Your website is a window to your business, and you need it to be an accurate reflection of the company. However, there are many dangers associated with having one – even though most people don’t think about them until they’re too late. Therefore, you must research before developing or operating your site because if not done properly, you’ll put yourself at risk for intellectual property litigation while also exposing yourself to potential copyright infringement lawsuits by others who want what’s yours.
To avoid such situations, it is important to have a strategy for intellectual property protection. Implementing a strategy that identifies, protects, and exploits the different types of IP in your business is something IP Experts at INTEROCO Copyright Office Dubai will do for you at an affordable price and in a professional manner. You’ll never have to worry about your website-related creations again!