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  • Application Deadline: July 25
  • Only 15 spots are available on three yachts!
Leadership Program - Intellect Dynasty
Why Join "Intellect Dynasty"?
Exclusive Knowledge and Insights
Gain access to unique proprietary knowledge accumulated over 29 years by Dr. Sandjar, who has worked in 35 countries with over 50,000 clients. Learn from personal case studies that reveal what truly drives millions of dollars in business value and understand what to focus on for effective growth.
Transformational Business Growth
Acquire practical skills, methodologies, and tools to protect and enhance your intellectual capital. This program empowers you to increase your business's capital, enter new markets, implement innovative strategies, and achieve rapid growth, outpacing competitors and reaching a global valuation of $1 billion.
Unique Learning Environment
Experience interactive in-person Business Yachting in Greece, simulating real-life business management on watercraft. This immersive format not only provides a dynamic learning environment but also helps develop leadership skills in a practical and engaging setting, making it a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
Key Benefits
Advanced Leadership Strategy for managing and monetizing intellectual property.
Mastery of Intellectual Capital
to identify, digitize, and enhance your business's intellectual resources.
Practical Growth Tools
for protecting and increasing capital, entering new markets, and implementing innovations.
Monetization Techniques
to generate profit and manage intellectual capital effectively.
Competitive Insights
from case studies revealing secrets behind iconic companies' success.
Networking Opportunities
with international business owners and heirs.
Immersive Learning Experience
through interactive Business Yachting in Greece.
Exponential Business Growth
by focusing on effective strategies and eliminating unnecessary efforts.
Program Overview
Immerse yourself in the "Intellect Dynasty" Leadership Program, a transformative experience designed for owners and heirs of large and medium-sized international businesses aged 20 to 38. Led by Dr. Sandjar's 29 years of global expertise, this program focuses on mastering intellectual capital management. Join us for an unforgettable week of interactive Business Yachting in Greece from September 7 to 14, 2024, where you'll gain practical skills, network with peers, and discover how to scale your business to new heights. Only 15 spots are available across three luxurious yachts—apply by July 25 to secure your place!
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